Lists. Hacks. Helpful tricks. All useful if you are going out into the unknown for the first time. Today we discuss the best place to pitch a tent and some useful tips if you don’t have a tent.


Wooded Areas: Place tent in shelter of live trees, avoiding any that are rotten. The ground should be firm and be sure to clear out big rocks, limbs or pinecones.

Marshy Areas: Place tent on high ground that is firm, avoid any soft, muddy ground or standing water. Think ahead, will this area be flooded in the morning?

Desert or Barren Areas: Place tent near shaded areas like big rocks or bushy trees. Avoid lower ground, ditches or ravines in case of flash flooding. You never know what mother nature is going to do.

Mountains or Hilly Areas: Place tent near large living trees or big rocks, this will cut down on wind and rain. Never camp out in the open or under a single tree in case of lightning strikes.

Camping without a tent can be fun, but be sure to make good decisions when picking a spot. Caves have bears, ditches carry water and out in the open gives a predator an easy meal. Also, be sure to watch out for ant hills, I learned that the hard way.

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