Water-proof/tear-resistant camping journals have arrived and are in stock!  We currently have 2 versions available and are working on more. Order one today, send us a good review and recieve 25% off on your next order!

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What are Superesse Straps?

Our superessestraps are simply paracord bracelets (straps) that are outfitted to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and tasks.  Incorporated into each strap are carefully selected supplies to assist: military members serving behind enemy lines, those preparing for an urban SHTF event, outdoors enthusiasts looking for a compact collection of backup survival tools for a camping trip gone wrong, or those who want to be ready for the unexpected.

Straps are constructed with frequency of use in mind.  The outer band holds accessible everyday carry (EDC) tools for use in daily tasks.  For example: a seat belt cutter or bottle opener may be attached to the outside band for reoccurring deployment. However, tucked into the inner core, under the paracord weave, are a collection of smaller emergency supplies.  Since they are carried as tools of last resort they are only accessible by unraveling the strap.

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What is an Emergency Carry Tin?

We have packed recycled tobacco tin cans with a series of micro supplies that aid in starting a fire, escaping a hostage scenario, treating an injury, navigating, and more.

The supplies are shipped pre-packed inside the tin can as loose standalone items. You can open the tin grab what you need and keep the rest packed away. We took the well known, "Altoids Survival Tin" idea, and moved it over to a smaller container that you're more likely to Everyday Carry. 

Drop the tin in your pocket, vehicle's glove compartment, or as a supplement to your Bug Out Bag.

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What's the difference between Superesse Hanks and regular hanks? 

Our #superessehanks are everyday carry (EDC) handkerchiefs built to assist in firecrafting, defense from an EMP, escaping illegal restraints, sawing, purifying water, filtering toxic air, and more. It's the multi-tool of rags. 

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